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News About Emulation
-News ON Site- 
Bas Emulation Zone has changed from Bas Games Center To Bas Emulation Zone  in 11:April:99. 
Easy to remember --> <-- 
Bas Emulation Zone Contain a lot of Emulators and Roms 
I hope  you will enjoy it 
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Currently On Bas Emulation Zone
Genesis Roms : 188 
Nes Roms : 277 
Snes Roms : 203 
Neo Geo Roms : 29 
Raine Roms : 69 
Genesis Save States : 6 
Nes Save States : 92 
Snes Save States : 35
Full Games -C&C Tiberian Sun    Army Men2 Toy In Space 
                           Age Of Empire 2       WarCraft2 Battle Net Edition 
Total : 903
-Some Faq by e-mail- 
Some Questions about Emulators and  Roms like this 
:What is Emulator? 
:What is Roms? 
Please read this in English and read this in Thai to learn more information 

News On Emulation 
30:Dec:99 Bas Emulation Zone News Update 
I've checked all links. ENJOY! : ) 
I recieve message about game "METAL SLUG" 
Please wait. I will solve it soon. I promise! 

13:Dec:99 Bas Emulation Zone News Update 
I've change directory of Games in November.So you will see message "file not found" when you click "Download Now" on my site 
Sorry for inconvenience!! 
--Problem of Link to the GAMES will update soon-- 

31:Oct:99 Bas Emulation Zone News Update 
Add Full games Age Of Ampire 2(136.6 Mb) 

28:Oct:99 Bas Emulation Zone News Update 
I add 29 Neo Geo Roms 

27:Oct:99 Bas Emulation Zone News Update 
I add Full Games as Bonus for you. 
C &C Tiberian Sun , Army Men 2 Toy In Space, 
WarCraft2 Battle Net Edition 

19:Oct:99 Bas Emulation Zone News Update 
I checked all dead links and added more Roms 

18:Oct:99 Bas Emulation Zone News Update 
I checked some dead links. 
Update Emulator Programs. 
I've added Raine(Emulator & Roms) a !!new!! emulator for this site 

17:Oct:99 Bas Emulation Zone News Update 
Hi All who love to enjoy to play games like me. 
I've just buy a new Harddisk and i will continue update my page. 
A lot of friends mail to me to told that many games can't download. 
I will check it now. 

16:Oct:99 Bas Emulation Zone Test Update  
I's stoped updated for a long time. Sorry for inconvenient.Cause my hard disk is full 

5:May:99 Bas Emulation Zone News Update 
Hi everybody. 
I've received your messages about dead link and Now!!! It clear 
you can download more and more Roms on this site 

Snes9x(WarpUp Amiga) 1.18e- [ Homepage ] 
SNES Emulator for PowerPC (WarpUP) V3.5. Snes9x is a portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. It basically allows you to play most games designed for the SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game systems on your PC or Workstation;which includes some real gems that were only ever released in Japan. 

UltraHLE-Z v2.0 [ Homepage ] 
This is a handy little setup program that sets up the UltraHLE 1.0, UltraHLP 2.3, ByteSwapper, and an MS Sidewinder profile for UltraHLE. This program sets up the UltraHLE and utilities easily and gives users instant MS Sidewinder and instant 2-player support! Once installed,directories are created automatically for roms and save states, a program group is set-up also. You may send your comments to: VOODOO. Please feel free to distribute this program to everyone.  

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